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There are two parts to Trial Workbook – resources for criminal defence lawyers and their clients, designed to help with communication and effective trial preparation; and the website, intended to get you to the information you need with fewer clicks.

The Resources

We have signed up more than 60 testers for a draft set of resources for criminal defence lawyers and their clients.  There are resources for jury trials (workbooks for lawyers and client) and Judge-Alone Trials (a checklist for lawyers and an information sheet for clients).

The final post out of test resources has been to PDS offices, so if you are here because you have seen those, please sign up below.

In about mid 2018 we will have completed our testing, and hopefully be in a position to supply finished resources which improve communication and expectations between lawyers and clients, leading to more client satisfaction with their trials.

Click here to sign up to test the resources. 

The Website
Our site is currently free but you now need to create a user and be logged in to access certain content.

The website at the moment is a collection of useful information and links, and some basic commentary about some areas of law.  The commentary and cases are intended to be a useful starting point for your legal research, and can’t be considered definitive, or relied on as legal advice suitable for your particular client.  We will add to the topics over time – let us know what you looked for that wasn’t there.

We try to make everything as up to date as possible, and welcome your feedback when that is not the case.

The links to Westlaw and LexisNexis will work for subscribers to those services only.

If there is a topic that you would appreciate commentary on, feel free to let us know.  Or if you have had a result with implications for a wider audience of criminal lawyers, send that our way too.

If you haven’t already signed up to test the resources, please enter your email address below to be notified about updates to the website, and to be invited to complete a short survey after the website has been running for a few months.  You can use the website without giving us your email address, but then we miss the opportunity to ask for your help to improve it.

The Team

Nicolette Levy is a barrister practising in Wellington, including frequent appearances in appellate courts on criminal matters.  Nicolette loves Dropbox, tennis, and knitting.

Suzanne Levy is an IT specialist helping small business, schools and real people with setups and forgotten passwords.  She drives a Mac, but can help with any type of computer or device.   Her IT business is Solved.

Use of Site is acceptance of Terms of Use and Disclaimer

There are Terms of Use and a Disclaimer – all pretty standard, but use of the site is acceptance of them.  Click here to read.

Updated on June 27, 2021

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